How can custom orthotics help?

  • Alleviate painful conditions of the lower limb and feet

  • Improve balance

  • Accommodate foot deformities

  • Re-align anatomical structures

  • Control biomechanical function

  • Redistribute pressure

3-D Foot Casting:

  • Accurately captures the anatomy and contours of the foot

  • Non-weight bearing plaster slipper casting

    • Seated or lying down

    • Plaster is applied to foot while being held in optimal alignment

    • Produces most corrective and controlling foot mould

    • Captures forefoot to rearfoot relationship


Semi-weight bearing foam box impression

  • Seated or standing

  • Foot is guided into low density foam while being held in optimal alignment

  • Produces most functional and accommodative foot mould



  • Hand-made custom foot orthotics from ON-SITE manufacturing lab

  • Your pedorthists directs manufacturing process from start to finish

  • On-site adjustments

  • Faster turnaround time - 8 days

  • Better quality control


How long will they last?

  • Depending on what they are used for (sport, work, play) our orthotics can last for many years barring any changes to your physical anatomy.

  • If you are pregnant, have had surgery, or a change in weight, it is advised that you notify your pedorthists and have a re-evaluation to determine if your orthotics are still effective.


  • $525.00 includes:

    • Biomechanical Assessment & Gait Analysis

    • 3-D Foot Casting

    • Hand-made custom foot orthotics

    • Pick-up appointment

    • 6 month follow-up & warranty/adjustment period