Custom Foot Orthotics For Active People

In The Ottawa Area

Ottawa Orthotic Lab designs and manufactures orthotics and recommends footwear to help active individuals deal with pain and alleviate biomechanical injuries that may result from their sport.A well-crafted orthotic can provide relief from many painful or debilitating conditions of the legs, feet, and the lower back especially if the orthotic is used with footwear that has been designed to accommodate it.

Why Ottawa Orthotic Lab?

5 Step Process With In-House Manufacturing

We have a fully equipped lab on site in which all our orthotics are manufactured. We strongly believe that this is the best procedure because it allows us to control the manufacturing process and make any needed adjustments immediately. There is no chance of miscommunication between what your pedorthist wants and what the lab technicians manufacture. It also allows for faster turnaround of your orthotics – usually around one week…

Gait Analysis (Computer Video Gait Analysis)

We are proud to be one of the first labs in the region to offer computer video gait analysis. With our customized software, we’ll show you graphically the relationship between your gait and your shoe mechanics – that is, the way you and your body move, and how that interacts with your footwear. From front, back, and side our precisely positioned video cameras will record you walking or running on a treadmill. The frame-by-frame video helps us make a more precise…

We Are Certified And Regulated

At the Ottawa Orthotic Lab we are all certified by the College of Pedorthics of Canada ( as well as members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada ( What this means is that we are regulated health care providers with clearly defined competencies, scope of practise, education, and ethics. As certified pedorthists we are also one of the insurance industry approved providers of custom foot orthoses…