A custom-made foot orthotic is made from a 3-D model of the patient’s foot. This enables us to capture an accurate impression of the feet and develop the perfect-fitting orthotic. Casting techniques used include:
  • Plaster Slipper Casting (non-weight bearing): While lying down, plaster is applied to the bottom and sides of the feet. The foot is positioned in a “subtalar neutral” position to correct for any overpronation that may occur during weight bearing.
  • Foam Box Impression (partial or non-weight bearing): With the patient sitting or standing, the Pedorthist gently places the patient’s foot on top of a foam box and instructs the patient to slowly apply some weight to the foot. The foot is then guided into the foam by the Pedorthist. Foam impressions can be a highly effective method for casting as they produce a functional, comfortable and accommodative orthotic.