Custom foot orthotics for active people in the Ottawa area

Ottawa Orthotic Lab designs and manufactures orthotics and recommends footwear to help active individuals deal with pain and alleviate biomechanical injuries that may result from their sport.

A well-crafted orthotic can provide relief from many painful or debilitating conditions of the legs, feet, and the lower back especially if the orthotic is used with footwear that has been designed to accommodate it.

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About Our Company

InsuranceThe Ottawa Orthotic Lab has been a local business in Canada’s capital since 1996. We have helped all levels of athletes and walkers, from everyday exercisers to Olympic champions. We have a full-time staff of professionals, including certified pedorthists, certified pedorthic technicians, and athletic therapists. … [Read More]

Frequently Asked Questions

InsuranceFor people with lower limb ailments, pedorthics can be the difference between being able to watch, and being able to do. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that prescribing healthcare providers receive from their patients about pedorthics … [Read More]

Insurance Information

InsuranceWhen is a custom foot orthotic not a custom foot orthotic? Practitioners prescribing these devices need to know. The word “custom” is often used in the foot orthotic industry, and both the public and professional domains are bombarded with advertisements and claims for the “Custom Foot Orthotic” … [Read More]